The Russian economy, which has just begun to recover, is threatened with a possible war between Russia and Ukraine.
The situation will be reminiscent of 2014-15. As then, the ruble will collapse 2-2.5 times (i.e. at the current exchange rate of 77 to 150 rubles per dollar and above). We will see the flight of non-residents from the state debt and Russian stocks. Russian investors (of whom, as we remember, are now about 10 million people) will also run after them. Capital flight from Russia will be enormous: not $ 40-60 billion, as in "quiet years," but $ 130-150 billion, as in such crises.

A new package of Western sanctions will be introduced against Russia, probably this time - something serious and sectoral.
Economically, Russia will turn into Iran No. 2 - our main trade and economic partners will be the countries of the former USSR, rogue countries and partly China.
Ordinary people in such a situation can only be advised to transfer all assets into foreign currency, and then just wait until it all finally ends.